Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Review

Darker shades of color can surely bring out the best looks in any car model and make it attractive. But on the other hand, it is also a color that can highlight imperfections and flaws like no other color. In fact, these shades can even highlight certain flaws that lighter colors will not. So waxing or using a glaze on your car in regular intervals is a very important task that you need to perform, when you have a car with a dark shade. If you are a car enthusiast, applying the right car glaze is definitely worth the time.

With a variety of products in the market, choosing the right one might seem confusing, especially for a first-time buyer. So we are putting forward the review of one of the best products in the market for your convenience. In addition, we will also list a few important points about car glazes.

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A guide for buying car glazes

Buying the right glaze and applying it correctly are both equally important for the right shine.

  • The car glazes are basically made from oils and wetting agents and are used after polishing and before waxing or applying any sealant. It is a shine-enhancing agent and before buying make check whether your car manufacturer has provided any specific recommendations in the owner’s manual.
  • Glazes do not serve the purpose of waxes and most of them do not have surface protecting qualities. So it is very important that you check the properties of the glaze if you want to use it as a substitute for car wax. It is best that you apply a coat of wax after the glaze is applied.
  • Glazes come with fillers that hide the small imperfections in the paint on the car. These fillers can make the car shinier in appearance and hence when you buy a product, make sure that it has such qualities.
  • Many of the best glazes are suitable over a particular base color of the car. There are glazes that are specifically made for black or white car paints. So depending on the original color of your car, you need to choose the right type of glaze.

Poorboy’s World Black Hole Show Glaze

This is a glaze that has been specially crafted for black surfaces and provides a rich and deep gloss that makes the color stand out.

Poorboy's World Black Hole Show Glaze for Dark Vehicles - 16 oz_ Aut


In case the swirl marks are affecting your car’s appearance, this is the ideal product for you to use. It has a special formula that keeps the surface glossy and free from swirls. It is also easy to apply and if shine is what you are looking for, this is a top-class product.

Feature and Benefits:

Removes swirl marks

The product has a special formula that cleans and fills the swirl marks to provide a shiny and glossy surface. In a few minutes, the car will be swirl-free and slick in appearance.

Exclusive formula

The product is specifically designed for dark colored vehicles and also for the perfect black ones. It will hide minor imperfections and enhance the gloss in red, brown and black shades.

Easy to apply

The product can be applied easily by hand or machine. It can also be applied under the sun or in a shade. This is the fast and effective way to a glossy car surface.

Safe product

The product has been designed to be safe for all kinds of vehicle finishes and it will not damage the paint in any way. This is a product that you can use over multiple types of paints.

Key Specifications:

  • Item: Liquid
  • Volume: 16 Oz.
  • Colour compatibility:

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Keeps the surface glossy.
  • Removes minor imperfections.
  • Very well priced.
  • Does not last long.

This is a perfectly designed product to improve the shine and gloss of your car in an easy and effective manner.

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