MTX Audio FPR 12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer Review

MTX Audio FPR12-02 Shallow Mount Subwoofer is impeccable and its latest design is indeed wonderful that can fit in almost all the vehicles. If you are going for MTX Audio FPR 12-02, you will forget other subwoofers for a car. This is something after a long time with good sound and comfortable in design subwoofer for your car. You cannot go wrong in a decision when you are buying this big bass 400 watts RMS car subwoofer. This single subwoofer is compatible with a mono amplifier with the power between 300 to 600 watts RMS. I must say there is no substitute for this amazing speaker for your lovely car.

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MTX Subwoofer Review

Super Design

MTX FPR 12-02 shallow mount subwoofer

The lightweight MTX Audio FPR is contemporary in design and looks. It offers all the lovely features. It is sported with an aluminum dust cap that keeps your polypropylene cone. This subwoofer speaker for a car is layered with rugged rubber which makes it known for its durability also. Its spider plateau venting keeps this car subwoofer cool at the time of jam sessions if it is having sealed box that provides bonus protection. Its design has culminated with loads of protection for the speaker that it will sustain for long so you do not need to invest often a time for car subwoofer.  The depth is 3.325 inches so all the vehicle will be fit.

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Clear sound with bass

The shrill sound of loads of bass is well programmed. The setting of an equalizer is well organized. The intense bass gives the good quality of the tune which is layered with perfection. Whether you keep the sound high or low, you cannot get exaggeration of the sound or you cannot miss any beat respectively. The sound of the car speaker is properly channelized with the manageable frequency.  Though this car subwoofer is compact even it offers superior base and audio quality with the mono amps.

Frequency and watts

This stunning subwoofer for a car is powered with 800 watts and the range of the power is 200 and 400 watts RMS. The response of the frequency is 22 Hz. to 150 Hz. The woofer power of 83 decibels is amazing so far. So you have all the reason to click for it as the sound serenity and soothing music will be unforgettable once anyone in your car will sit. Despite its compact size, it has effective delivery of the sound through the spider design so this is indeed great car subwoofer for long driving.


  • It is having compact size perfect for a sedan and its volume will be filled in the whole car with its amazing beat of the sound.
  • Its low frequencies do not deter the subwoofer to perform any less so you will surely astonished with full bass effect
  • Its audio quality is unparalleled and bass intensity is much higher comparatively.
  • Completely true value for money.
  • It comes with 5 years warranty.


  • This subwoofer for a car is designed particularly for sealed enclosure so there could be a chance of not having good sound quality when the enclosure is not closed properly.
  • Off and on there is a syncing problem with audio.

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MTX FPR 12-02 shallow mount subwoofer Price:

Price of the MTX FPR 12-02 shallow mount subwoofer is stunning in look and in performance both so the device is available in $199.99 as per its quality. So, you are getting a trendy subwoofer for your car. It is ultimate and once you will buy it you will never ever regret your decision.

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MTX Audio FPR 12-02 shallow mount subwoofer has touched the lives of many with its superb sound quality and soothing effect. You are getting a really high thing in the form of best car subwoofer for your car that includes all the effective features for the added luxury. This is phenomenal and recreates the awesomeness in your attitude once your ear feels the touch of the lovely song from this car subwoofer. It’s now your time to grab this lovely subwoofer for your car to enrich your lives with positivity. Get this high features product from Amazon and bring your life to a true spirit.

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