How to polish your car by your hand

We all want to preserve the spotless shiny look on the surface of our cars at all times. However, that is easier said than done. Whenever you take your car out for a drive, it will attract dirt and dust that will have an adverse effect on the painted surface.  Even then, if you care for your car in the correct manner, you can preserve the look more effectively. A timely cleaning and polishing action can go a long way to keep the car surface in a good state. Though professional polishing is best done by experts, you can always try to clean the car with some hand action. With the right action, you can keep your car in a shiny state without having to visit a professional.

Polishing and cleaning can get rid of most of the surface blemishes and scratches even without the use of any expensive equipment. So in case you have tried your hand at polishing and not getting the desired results, it is possible that you are doing it incorrectly. So in this article, we will share some tips about polishing and cleaning the car in the right manner by using the right techniques.

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Wash at the right time

Before polishing the car, you should always give it a good wash to clean the surface. The paint should be cool when you are cleaning the car. Allow the surface to cool off and avoid the hottest part of the day. This way the water will not evaporate from the surface leaving patch marks. Remove the stains and spots by using an automotive shampoo along with the cleaning water.  Always start by cleaning the wheels. Then you can move to the top of the car and come down by attending one panel after the other. After washing, do not allow the car to dry in the air and wipe it with a soft towel.

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The right equipment

A bucket along with the right soap or shampoo is very essential. Do not try to use dish soaps on the car as they might damages the surface wax. It is best to use a soap designed specifically for cars. A car washing microfiber or a cleaning brush is also very useful items. Fr polishing selects the applicator pad of the right size.

Polishing action

Put the required amount of polish on the pad and start with a particular area of the panel. It is necessary to put a uniform pressure while applying the polish and move back and forth across the surface. Start with smaller areas and focus more on the areas which have got the most marks and scratches. Remember to wash the applicator pad periodically with water so that it does not get over saturated with polish. It is essential that you use a polishing action and not a scrubbing action as that might damage the surface of the paint.

Follow the instructions on the product and wait for some time after application and then wipe off the excess product. Make sure that you remove the remnants of the polish from all the cracks, crevices, and the door locks.

When the action is complete you will definitely notice a significant change in the look of the car with the swirl marks almost gone. In case your car comes with a very hard paint, you might need to repeat the action for better results. After polishing you can apply a coating of car wax to make the surface shine to the best possible extent.

Turtle Wax Black Box Review

A shiny black car can definitely attract a lot of glances but keeping them in a spotless condition is not something easy to achieve. This is where the cleaning and waxing options come into play and it can really make the surface of the car shiny and free from swirl marks. There are a range of product which can provide the most efficient cleaning action, even if you do it by hand. While some products are sold separately, some come in the form of kits that make them efficient and value for money.

With a large number of brands and products flooding the market, choosing the right product can be difficult. So if you are looking for the right car cleaning kit, you are in the right place as we are going to review one of the best products in the market. Before going into the review, here are a few tips about choosing the right product.

Tips for buying car wax

The following points will be useful while choosing the right car wax.

  • Experts recommend that you should wax a car at least twice in a year to prevent the surface from getting oxidized and the paint from deteriorating. Though you cannot over wax your car, a high waxing frequency is not necessary.
  • Synthetic wax does not provide as good a shine as original carnauba wax and that is why car enthusiasts prefer natural wax. On the other hand, synthetic waxes are cheaper and easy to use. They can also withstand higher temperatures that make the long lasting.
  • With the change in wax manufacturing processes, a particular surface might be best suited for a specific type of waxes. For an older vehicle, an older version of the wax might give better results. So look for the product that best suits the type of paint on your car.
  • To get the waxing process right, get the right set of tools. Even if you plan to do the waxing by hand, there are some items that you will need. If you prefer machine waxing, then a good quality buffing machine can be the right investment.

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit

This is a complete kit that offers a perfect solution for cleaning, conditioning and waxing the black surface of vehicles to keep their shine intact.

Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit_ Automotive


This kit is a collection of high-end products that are ideal for the maintenance of a black vehicle. The products come with advanced technology that restores the surface and also provides protection to it. Overall, this is a perfectly balanced kit that is well suited for enthusiasts as well as newbies.

Feature and Benefits:

Multiple products

The kit comes with a pre-wax cleaner, conditioner, and deep black carnauba wax. This is the complete range of products that can keep the surface in its best state.

Effective action

The cleaner and conditioner can remove scratches, swirl marks, and surface contaminants. The top quality carnauba wax delivers a rich and unmatched shine to the black surface.

Covers blemishes

The product can remove the light scratch and swirl marks effectively. It contains pigments that can effectively cover up the blemishes on the surface of the paint.

Easy application

The product can be applied by hand or machine and the kit comes with two applicator pads for easy application. The spray-on detailer is easy to apply and then the wax can be rubbed on the surface.

Key Specifications:

  • Function: Cleaner and conditioner.
  • of items: Four.
  • Rehydration:
  • Water repellent:
  • Volume: 12 Oz of each product.


Pros and Cons:

  • High-quality products.
  • Provides effective surface treatment.
  • Provides protection from UV rays.
  • Exclusive tint technology.
  • The application is time-consuming.

This kit is a one-stop solution for preserving the shine and color of black vehicles to their best state and preserve it for long periods.

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