Armor All Shield Review

The finish that the paint of a car is a major factor that determines its looks. This makes it very important to have the right paint finish for your new car or if you want to update your old car with a new touch. The car wax plays an important role in this aspect as it not only protects the paint from regular wear but also provides the right shine that adds vividness to the color. A right coating of wax will keep the car looking attractive and will add a significant amount of life to the paint. In this article, we will discuss the best car wax that you can choose. In fact, this product functions way beyond normal car waxes and provide multiple other advantages.

Before we go into the review of the product, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind regarding buying a car wax.

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Car wax buying guide

These are a few basic points regarding buying the right car wax.

  • The wax basically prevents the oxidation of the paint and its degradation. Make sure that you choose a wax of the right make so that it does not have any negative impact on the paint on its own. It is best to choose the products of a reputed brand which have years of manufacturing experience in this field.
  • Some waxes are good for light colors while the others are best for the darker ones. So depending on your car’s color, select the right kind of wax that you need. The other important features include UV protection, glossy shine, and water beading. A good quality car wax will also remain unaffected by the high water pressures of a car cleaning service.
  • The frequency of application of the wax is also an important factor when you buy one. Keep in mind that you cannot improve the shine of a new car shine by waxing, while for an old car, the overall shine can be definitely improved. Also, keep in mind that the wax may not look so good over plastic parts like door trims and body panels. Make sure that the wax does not touch these parts while applying.
  • The price of the wax that you chose is another important factor and you need to form an estimate about the quantity that is needed for applying effectively on your car. Keep also the performance capabilities of the wax in mind and make sure that you do not choose a product that you will regret buying

Armor all shield wax

This product is specially designed to not only add shine to the paint but also to form a protective shield that makes the paint last for long.


This is a wax that is of the highest quality and makes the paint appear shinier even for an old car. The product is easy to apply and it lasts for a long time before you need to reapply again. So if you want your car to attract attention with its shine, this product is surely a good choice.

Feature and Benefits:

Easy to apply

This is a product that is very easy to apply and takes much less time than any conventional wax. You just need to spray it and then wipe it as it does not require any drying time.

Great protection

This provides great protection for the paint and prevents dirt and grime for sticking to it. This will also allow the paint to retain its shine for a considerably long period of time.

Water protection

This product can withstand up to 10 car washes before it has to be reapplied. With each wash, the protective shield is reactivated, ensuring long-lasting protection from the elements.

Value for money

This product is available at a great price and provides perfect value for money. Considering the protection it offers and the long term of protection, the item is definitely a good investment for any car lover.

Key Specifications:

  • Colour: White liquid.
  • Item Weight: 500 gram.
  • Preservative content:
  • Water beading:

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Offers good protection.
  • Keeps the paint shiny.
  • An award-winning product.
  • Safe for car colors.
  • Some users found it not ideal for white cars.

This product offers a perfect combination of protection and shine that goes beyond the performance of normal car waxes, making it a very good option for car-owners.

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